lots of triangles

A guy named Andrew had a Starbucks Gold card (which gets you a free drink of your choice after you buy 12) and a single goal: to beat the previous world record for the most expensive Starbucks drink ever.
As anyone who has accomplished anything in life will tell you, thorough prep is key to achieving your goals. With 128-ounce glass in hand, Andrew stepped into Starbucks and enlisted the help of his friendly local Starbucks baristas.
Thus, the legend of the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino was born. Total cost: $54.75. But for Gold-card holding Andrew, it was free.

Christian Dior Couture Fall 2007



This is something I can’t handle

Can I have one I’m going to cry so cute help


Some outfit brainstorming I did for Mirin while I was up at the cottage.  Despite the fact that I’ve been mostly drawing her with the bow wig, after drawing these, I think I might go with a bob for some of her outfits.  I really like how it looks.  And then, of course, she’ll also wear various wigs.

apocalyptic version